If you select us as your lab for testing Pet Treats or other Pet Products, please do the following:

Label an air tight plastic bag with our product name and/or sample number. If you write directly on the plastic, take care to use a permanent marker. Put 12 -16 oz. of your product in the bag, press the air out and seal it to prevent moisture gain or loss in mailing. Zip lock bags are excellent to use.

Please fill out the sample submission form with your mailing address and information at the top, email address, fax, and phone information. Request moisture, fat, protein and fiber to be tested on each sample submitted. Expected levels do not apply to pet treats.

If you have several products, you will need to send a sample of each product you plan to test, and we will test each different product.

For canned food we will need 2-4 cans. Fresh and/or frozen treats should be put in an airtight plastic zip lock bag and shipped in a cooler with ice packs.

We do not need to know your ingredients you use in making teats. Package it up and send in to us, you may use US Postal Service or UPS, Fed X, which ever is your choice, US Postal service will provide priority boxes for your use, free of charge.

We offer a complete label/nutritional analysis if desired, please call or email for pricing on your specific testing requirements. Payment is required with samples.

Our turn around time is 8 - 10 work days, unless you call in advance for priority/rush testing.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to call or email us.



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